Sophie's universe from Dedri Uys

In February, I finished Sophie's stool kit from Dedri Uys.
It wasn't hard than I thought so I tried blanket.
I totally forgot to update on my blog so here it is.
I deleted picture from my phone so hope you can see it on my instagram link is above.

I really like this design. There is some different patterns are out there but some thing about this one
I'm really attaching emotionally.
Maybe it because so many flowers and butterflies that I couldn't have those in my childhood wardrobe.

And I don't think we have to give up all those cute stuffs when we became adult.
We should simply keep whatever make us happy.

By the way, the text book for this was very easy to follow too.
Make you feel like you are reading long long story.

Anyway, it's done.

I had little break from crochet after this blanket but I starting again this week.
There is the book call "Crochet to calm" purchased from Amazon and many cute stuffs in it.
I'll post it some hats soon.


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