Sophie's Stool Kits

I guess some of you know about Sophie's Universe from Dedri.
I only found out about her about a month ago.
Anyway, when I ordered kits on above pictures that only left two in store in US and I got
one of it :)
Pattern was very easy to follow by writing and pictures.
But problem I had was I can't stitch tight enough :(
So when first part was finished (center to dark purple petals) it already covered whole
seat lol
Even I was using 2.75mm hook for suggested 3mm.
This was the first time I used very small hook and yarn and realized my self how loose
my stitches are.
Dedri was suggested to use smaller hook for person like me but 2.75mm was smallest I had
so I re-did it.
I was very careful about not to get loose but when I measured for second trial it was still 2cm
larger than original.
I had no idea how I can fix it anymore so kept continue but try to make every stitch tight(for me
it felt pretty tight) as much as possible.
And very last round that had to skipped also last 3 rounds were switched to sc instead dc.
Also socks for legs were changed to 30 stitches instead 40 stitches.

Look still pretty and I'm happy for this practice.
I never thought I can crochet with smaller yarns but now I know I can.

Now I'm looking for the book that she published while ago for the blanket.
I found some used on Amazon but price was double.
I maybe contact to Dedri to ask for 2nd print in near future.


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