Yarns from Knit Collage

I made a triangle shawl last month, designed by Vickie Howell.


Well, their yarn qualities are not like one from Wal-Mart or Craft store in my

neighborhood. I mean I like yarn from them too. But prices are big different and

most are 100% wool.

But you know, when I fell in love things I don't care about price anymore I just wanna

make what I wanna make.

Anyway, first I wanted to practice with reasonable yarns so I've got one from

Red Heart, Evermore. And this new yarns were so perfect texture and came out just right.

You'll surprise how soft it is and easy to crochet.

Then I received my order from Knit Collage and started to crochet.

But some thing isn't right. Not sure what is but too many mistakes for stitch count.

It because of this unique yarn that fat part and skinny part are so two different size and

easy to miss the stitch.

Anyway, finished half way and look like need to order yarns some more so I went to

Knit Collage web site.


OMG!!!!, it was truly OMG!!!!!!!

I was ordered wrong yarns maybe similar size but with three different colors!!!!

When I see some thing I like, I always draw to that side and forget my first mission.

Just laugh me.

I remember, when I was checking their yarns. Ones Vickie used was like look ramen noodle.

Then I was checking other one, just to see what they have.

And I saw it call Sister yarn. I just fell in love with colors.

That's it! Next moment I was cricked to purchase, hahaha.

If you think you going to make shawl like she made then you definitely need same yarn she


Sister yarn is good with large stitch like tr but not for sc even hdc was not so.

Yarn it self is very soft. But once finish with smaller stitch very close to each other then

doesn't have flexibility like thinner wool yarn has.

So I made rectangular shawl maybe about 24inch wide with repeated of 2R hdc and 1R tr.

Then some fringes to finish the ends.

Almost two years from when I started crochet.

I'm still learning, I mean learning about stitch count is very important and use right yarns

for right design also hook size, too.

Crochet, never rush to do. If you have some thing you have to in first or you have place to

go first then priority comes first. So when you get those done you can focus to crochet with

out worry about your other plans.

Just like meditation, if you can't sit still or many thought arise then just stop meditate.

Because, it will make you only suffer from can't focus.

Anyway, stay warm with whatever you creating for your self. Happy crochet!


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