Gifts for new born babies

I never lived with baby in my life and it was little trouble when my friend placed few orders
for baby's blankets.
It because I had no idea about sizes, materials, designs.
One order was for twins and supposed to for boy and girl.
So few days I was browsing Pinterest and Google to get idea.

One thing, I didn't wanna make too small because babies are grow up fast.
First and second picture in above are finished blankets size about 36x40 inches.
All made 100% acrylic yarns from Red Heart Yarns for easy care.
I thought about cotton though it's winter and here Hawaii get chilly so acrylic was in between
wool and cotton.

Before got to those design, I tried some granny square which I prefer for my self.
Except very bottom picture I used Color Crafter from Scheepjes yarn.
Its one size thinner yarn than super saver and it gives softer feeling and light weight.
Bottom picture was 100% cotton.

Later on found out that twins are two girls.
Oh well, hope that they don't fight for either flowers or gradation.

Those blankets were my last project for 2017 and I'm taking little break.
I did made a lot of things in short time focusing to some craft fair.
It was very fun and I realized again, crochet is very addictive.

Happy new year to all!


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