Blankets 2017

I made three blankets so far in this year.

First one and second one was for baby.

So size is about 30x30 and 30x48.

First picture is dark rose from Lion Brand, Wool-Ease.

It saying medium yarn but I usually don't uses this size of yarns.

Simply, take time to finish. But I took two yarns crochet together so

it was like chunky yarns.

Main part was hdcbs repeat all the way and edging was shell stitch.

It because of yarn that very soft and weight was just right.

Second picture was also used same yarns. I was expected Wool- Ease Thick&Quick

but shipping was delay and I had to sent the blanket to Japan too so used what ever

stock I had.

I couldn't keep do same stitch that I thought it will making me sleep.

So alternated sc and dc next to each other and got nice texture.

You can make any size you want and I did made uneven ch #, so both side look even.

And if you start from sc then finish with sc, ch2, turn dc in same st. And finish with dc.

Very simple but look nicer than just sc.

Third picture was I've got order from one of my friend. He asked me was early this year

season was just turned to early summer. So I didn't make it.

By the way, here in Hawaii we get cold in winter season specially in north shore.

Northerly swells bring cold wind and I know can't compare with where you live but

pretty cold for us since we most are don't have heating system in the house also have

no winter clothes.

Anyway, I finished it and called to friend he told me that he caught cold and stayed home.

So it was perfect.

Cold season is just started so stay warm and enjoy crochet, every one!


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