Poncho pattern

Aloha all,

One of my poncho was featured on Red Heart Yarn's Instagram and some of you
are wondered about pattern for this poncho.
It took long time but finally in here.
Any question about this writing diagram feel free to leave in comment or you can email me
or message me from instagram @moonoceanhawaii, Thank you.

Yarn Red Heart Super Saver (color neck to bottom)

1. Pumpkin
2. Honey dew
3. Light Sage
4. Medium Thyme
5. Real Teal
6. Jade

1. Pumpkin
2. Honey dew

Hook Size(US) J-6.0mm

*After R1, always start from corner space and end in same corner space.
Leave yarn ends by enough length to weave later.
Make sure to count stitchs every panel you finish.

Color 1

Beginning with ch72. (You can increase or decrease but number should be multiple by 4 and even number when divided 4) Divide 4 and place marker. These are become 4 corner, front right back left.
Slst to 1st ch make one circle (don't twist circle).

R1(RS) - ch5{ch3 as 1dc}, dc in same sp. ch1, skip next st, *dc next st, ch1* RP *~* till marker.
Marked space {dc, ch2, dc, }, ch1, skip next stitch, *dc next st, ch1*  RP *~* and { }.
Skip 72nd st and slst to 1st dc(ch2 as dc) and fasten off, cut yarn) leave some end to weave later.
40 dc total
   * I usually slst to hdc post, not in top of hdc st
   *You can take marker since stitch shows 4corners)

Color 2

R2- ch4(ch2 as 1hdc), 2hdc in same sp. *ch1, skip next st, hdc in next st* RP *~* 8 more times
and ch1. Corner {2hdc, ch2, 2hdc}. RP *~* 9times and ch1, { } in corner.  Last hdc in same sp with first hdc(ch2 as 2hdc). Slst to first hdc post and fasten off, cut yarn.
52 hdc Total

R3-ch4, same process as R2. 52 hdc total

Color 3

R4- ch5(ch3 as 1dc), 2dc in same corner sp. Same process as R2 but with dc.  56 dc total.

R5- ch5(ch3 as 1dc), 1puff st in same coner sp. *ch1, skip next st, 1 puff st on next st*.
Repeat *~* 12 times more. * End of each panel, skip 2stitches and puff st in corner space.
Corner sp {1 puff st, ch2 1 puff st}. In the end of this row 1puff stitch to same space in beginning ch3 as 1dc. If you can wrap that ch3 with puff st to make look better.

15 puff st in each panel. 60 puff st total.

R6- ch5(ch3 as 1 dc), 1dc in same corner sp. *ch1, sk next st and 1 dc on next st*.
Repeat *~*. Corner sp {1dc, ch2, 1dc}.
64 dc total.

Color 4

R7- Ch4(ch2 as 1hdc), 2hdc in same corner sp and 2hdc and ever sp in-between dc in last row.
136 hdc total.

R8- Ch5(ch3 as 1dc). Same as R6.
72 dc total.

R9- Same as R7.
152 hdc total.

R10- Same as R8.
80 dc total.

R11- Same as R7.
168 hdc total.

Color 5

R12- ch6 (ch4 as 1trc), *ch1  skip next st, 1trc next st* Repeat *~* till corner sp.
{1trc, 2ch, 1trc}. Repeat *~*, {}.
88 trc total.

R13- ch 5(ch3 as 1 dc) Same as R7 but with dc. Corner sp change to {2dc, ch2, 2dc}.
184 dc total.

R14- Same as R6 but corner sp change to {1dc, ch2, 1dc}
96 dc total.

R15- Same as R13.
200 dc total.

R16- Same as R12.
Change color. Fasten off and cut yarn.
104 trc total.

Below diagram is not finish yet. I'll update 11/26/2017

Color 6

R17- Same as R13.
216 dc total.

R18- Same as R5.
112 puff st total.

R19- Same as R13
236 dc total.

R20- Same as R5.
124 puff st total.

R21- Same as R13.
260 dc total.

R22- ch5(ch3 as 1dc), 1dc in same corner sp. *ch1, skip next st, 1dc in next st*. Repeat
*~*, in corner {1dc, ch2 1dc}.
136 dc total.

R23- ch5(ch3 as 1dc), 1dc in same corner sp.  ch1 1dc in next st(your right side of 1st dc. It because need to adjust stitch count for next row). *ch1, skip next st, 1dc in next st.* Repeat *~* to the end. (each dc going to aline with each dc from last row). Change color.
144 dc total.

Color 1 or any color

R24- Ch3, 3dc, ch1, 4dc in same corner sp. Skip 2 sp, *(3dc, ch1, 3dc) skip 2sp* Rep *~*.
In corner sp {4dc ch1, 4dc}.
Change color.

Color 2 or any color

Edge- sc top of first 2dc picot st 3 times in ch1 sp. In corner 1picot st on 3rd dc, 3picot st in ch1 sp and 1picot st next top of dc.



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