I like to wear more jeans and boots but fortunately, unfortunately, I'm in tropic island call "Hawai'i".
I love color of "Indigo" so I love wear jeans and boots, but not now.

When I made this, I was thought about it will be cute on jeans!

By the way, blue circle motifs were originally designed for blanket. But It was different size of yarn from other colors and ended up, didn't use these. So I added coral color to make square motif so I can
connect easily.

I really loved it, color combination to design, stitch combination. Fringes could be longer thou it
still look adorable, I mean it just surprised my self that I wasn't really expected I can do this.
Also to recycle some parts.

I maybe make similar one to this again.

Happy crochet!

All of yarns are Red Heart Super Saver.
(Blue circle was one size small and color is denim)


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