Scheepjes stone washed XL

One of my favorite yarn is Scheepjes Stone Washed XL.
I've been not using it for while but when cool season start then I'll use again.
Basically, I love blight colors but these faded colors are so calming even red.
It's combination of cotton and acrylic and very soft like wools.
If you have to use a lot then will be costly just letting you know.
I've been purchasing from Deramores US.
Last time when I purchased, they were still doing free shipping even to Hawaii(some restriction apply).
Many businesses were stopped free shipping to Hawaii not sure if you know about it.
And I totally understand it will be big loss for businesses if they still do.
So I'm thank to Deramore US for keeping their kind service.

Here,  I'd like to share some ponchos made with this yarn.

Hook: US J 6.0mm

All these are beginning with 68~72 chain stitches depend on your shoulder width.
You can increase or decrease but need to be multiple of 4.

Happy crochet!


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