My favorite one

One day I was looking at Youtube tutorial for making motifs and was immediately
fell in love with african flower pattern.
When I thought about color, had to be blight and contrast on edge.
I had a enough colors from my favorite Scheepjes stonewash so I made 8 motifs.
3 in front, 3 in back and 1 each shoulder.
When I was making this I could feel some energy flow into me and kept me going.
It was only 2months from I started crochet and surprised my self for what I can.

I was going to keep this for my self but not many chance to wear in Hawaii.
Also my good friend in Utah wanted to purchase several ponchos during holiday season
so I sold to her. She really loved it.

Yarn: Scheepjes Stonewash
Hook: J(US) 6.0mm

Happy crochet!


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