My first poncho

I really liked to share B.hooked crochet web site here.
Because it's just awesome!!!

Brittany, the blog owner, she has tutorial on Youtube if you don't understand
writing tutorial.
She goes so much details and I made my poncho only a month after I started crochet.
Her poncho was using Scheepjes but I used Red Heart Super saver, it because I was
still practice and wasn't sure if I can finish it. But I did.
And I did with another neck pattern, too.

It came out really nice and it fits to S~L.
I'm only 5'1 so center point came down to above knee.
I sold those on eBay and Etsy to just get back the cost I spend for those yarns.

All of informations are on her blog and it worth try at least once.
So you get idea of how to make poncho.
Once you master that you can go with your way add some other stitches or changing
some designs.

It was so much fun making it!
Happy crochet!


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