My 2nd poncho with BIG mistake

I'd like to share one of my favorite poncho.
I like the color of sand beige but like bright colors same time.
So this poncho was caught my eyes easily.
I purchased pattern from Revelry.

I didn't know crochet abbreviation in UK and US are different.
The pattern said tr so I was simply did treble crochet all the way.
Once finished and tried it on that my one was very long.
I know I'm short but so much difference between picture on pattern.
Later I found out that tr in UK is dc in US.

No wonder it got longer than original.

Good thing was I have a very tall girl friend who she has large breasts and
I gave it to her. She texted me a picture she wore was perfectly fitted.

It was mistake for me but all worked out in the end.

All of informations are on the pattern and I used Red Heart Super Saver.

Happy crochet!


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