Mermaid's poncho

Thank you for visiting my blog.
I've been hopping some other blogs for little while but decided to really organize here.
I have to apologize for people who visited me via Pinterest or Etsy that I just deleted
all of my posts from before.
I'm not on Etsy anymore so had to change my information on Pinterest too.
But don't worry it's going to be better this time.

Because I'm going to update what I had made especially crochet and hopefully I can share
more information about it.
But I don't take notes so I can share only what I remember.
And if you have any question about design or yarn or stitches that you can email me or
simply leave comment, please.

Also, I purchased and followed some one's design that I can share where you can find them
and some were free.

Anyway, let's begin.

Below is I named "Mermaid's Poncho"

Yolanda Soto Lopez is amazing Youtuber has so many tutorials she sharing and you should
check her out at least once.
Mine is smaller than her's also neck part is little different, skipped shell stitch too.
But I added bobble stitch like water drop in every other round.

Size seems just fit(this body is french small from Amazon) but since it's net like design that
stretches a lot. If you need more space you should follow Yolanda's or adjust chain stitch in
beginning .

Anyway, good luck and happy crochet!

Yarn Red Heart, Boutique Treasure-Mosaic(Sorry, not sure how much I used)
Hook J(6.0mm)


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