This was my first Lazure experience.
It's not quiet finish yet though I took picture while waited for dry so I can
do another coat.

I have two same brush on this picture that one for the paint and one for dry brush
to go over the paint.

When I interested to do Lazure, I went to Charles Andrade's web site.
And ordered the kit to start.
Masonite board was from Home Depot, I ask them to cut in two piece.
Then white out with water based base coat.

When you purchase kit from website above, you can access to instructional video for two weeks.
If you need more longer then you just need to email them. Usually Karen(Charles's wife) will
reply you and letting you to another access.

I like to do Lazure on my whole wall in apartment but it's renting and my land lord will not
let me do.

If you wanna do different paint in your house, try Lazure.
Specially for children's room. It's very calming.


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