Custom order from Maui

After I opened my shop on Etsy, one of my friend who were encouraged me to
sell on online that ordered a poncho.
I usually ask their five favorite colors before decide design but this time I did both
since I know her for long time. She loves ocean, she loves some thing cute.
So my image was mermaid.
Poncho was started from coral pink and reef and shells. white water at shore line.
And ocean has many colors according to depth.
Usually I like to finish with fridges at ends but she is a romantic person so I created
look like lace.

It didn't have specific design as usual my work.
Image came up as I go.
So even ends was not first plan so I was wondered if there enough stitch counts to
create what I want.
And it was all perfect as usual. With out calculation, stitch count was perfectly much
to how much needed for lace.

If doesn't much then things were going wrong before reach to there, making mistake
in same place many times that's the sign for I'm not doing right.
I really enjoy this way of communication between my creations.

When you enlarge the picture that I'm sure you can make same one easily.
Usually 68chains to begin with. But if your shoulder is wider then you can increase
by 4.
Because total number divided to four to creates four corners.

Yarn: Scheepjes stonewash
Hook: J(US) 6.0mm

Happy crochet!


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